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Which facial should I choose?

If you have acne/ breakouts always pick the 75min signature facial because we will need the longer session to properly treat and clean the skin.

If you have blackheads only in the T-Zone area pick the 60min facial.

If you have clogging in the skin more than just blackheads pick the 75min facial. 

What are extractions? 

Extractions are an expert procedure performed by trained skin care professionals like estheticians which clean the pores to release clogging like blackheads and most forms of acne breakouts.  They are performed in a way that does not damage the skin.  Afterwards, pores will be cleaner, more oxygenated and freer of blockages that create enlarged pores and acne breakouts. 

Why we need extractions? 

We need extractions to stop the cycle of blackheads and acne. If you are concerned about clogging in the pores, the size of your pores, and acne breakouts, then facials with regular, expert, and hygienic extractions will transform your skin.  It’s crucial to remove blockages in the skin to allow oxygen to enter the pores and heal the skin.   

Do you perform extractions with all of your facials? 

Yes.  Both of my signature facials include expert extractions.  One or both of these facials is for you if you are concerned with clogging in the pores like blackheads, whiteheads and most types of acne breakouts.  

Yes. And the time allotted for the facial reflects the time spent on extractions. The shorter, 60-minute Signature facial includes expert extractions and the 75-minute Signature facial allows for more time for extensive extractions.

What if I don’t want extractions? 

If your concern is not blackheads or acne then my facials may not be for you.  I specialize in extractions and deep cleaning the skin and have tailored my techniques, products and services to do so.  If you are looking for other styles of facials then another esthetician may be a better fit for your skin care needs. 

Will I have down time from extractions? 

It depends on your skin.  Some clients have very little to no down-time after extractions and some may have some mild inflammation, light scabbing and even mild breakouts as skin can purge after it is cleansed and detoxified.  Most of these side effects can be concealed with a clean form of makeup that I can suggest or will heal very quickly on their own. After I have completed your facial, I will give you aftercare instructions specific to your skin.

Should I have a facial with extractions before an event or before being photographed? 

No! Plan so your facial is far enough from your event so you can have time to heal.  I suggest at least 10-14 days, on average but it may vary by individual.

Do I need to book ahead? 

Yes. On average, the wait time to see me is about six to seven months. My goal is to give each and every client customized, expert care and it is important that you allow enough time for us to work together to meet your skin care goals.

Furthermore, if you are serious about starting the journey with us, please book ahead at least two to three appointments at a time. That way you have the dates and times that work for you.  On average, it takes eight to twelve treatments to see a lasting result in the skin.

Do you sell gift cards? 

Yes. Click here to buy a gift card.

Can we book online? 

For your convenience, yes, we do offer online booking. Click here to book.

Why do I need to put my credit card when I sign up to book online with Mindbody? 

Due to my schedule being booked ahead and a long wait list, we ask that you enter a Credit Card so your spot is guaranteed. 

And we only use that card if you do not come to your appointment (no show) or cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Do you sell products? 

Yes, we sell products for all skin types. Including acne safe products. Click here to shop!

What payment methods do you accept at Facials by Bonnie?

We accept Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash.