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ACNE AT HOME: Virtual Acne Treatment Program

Join me for our newest skincare program: acne treatment handled virtually, while you stay safe at home!

Whether you’re sheltering in place or simply live too far from our offices, our 12-week virtual acne treatment program offers a whole-self approach to clearer skin. 

Meet Bonnie

As an Acne Specialist certified with Face Reality, I’ve been treating acne clients and providing facials for over 12 years. I am also certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I firmly believe that in order to effectively treat acne, it is important to approach treatment within the whole person. I use my combined skills to treat acne from all sides, both internal and external. In addition to providing top-of-the-line skincare treatment, I work with clients to address nutrition and stress relief as part of their acne treatment program.

All acne treatment programs are customized, individual treatments for your skin and your needs. In my work, I use a combination of Face Reality Skincare and products from my own line, PranVera Skincare.

As an Acne At Home client, you and I will use technology, including phone and video calls (i.e. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom), to identify the root causes of your acne and create an individually tailored treatment plan. Just like an in-person service, your Acne At Home program will begin with an initial 45-minute consultation.

Acne At Home Initial Consultation: 45 minutes, $125

In our initial consultation together, you’ll receive professional, clinic-level treatment in the comfort of your own home. We will review your paperwork, discuss your goals, and set a baseline for your current experience with skincare, nutrition, and stress. Before your consultation, you will complete our comprehensive questionnaire, designed to help me identify the causes of your acne and the best path forward toward clearer skin. 

From this consultation, I will identify your skin type and create your at-home acne treatment plan, including product recommendations and integrated nutrition advice. The fee for your initial consultation also includes a check-in call one week into your treatment program to answer any questions and receive progress feedback. Recommended products are not included in the consultation cost. 

Acne At Home Follow-Up Appointments: 20 minutes, $45 each

To track your progress toward clearer skin with your Acne At Home program, we’ll schedule five biweekly follow-up appointments. During these appointments, we will discuss any questions you have, adjust your treatment plan as needed, and highlight successes and challenges within your plan. Your treatment plan adjustments may include new recommended products and combinations of products.

Acne At Home Total 12-Week Program Cost (includes consultation and 5 follow-up calls): $350 if paid per session; $275 if paid in full 

If you are ready and serious to start this program email us at with the subject line Virtual Acne Treatment Program


How much will my products cost?: I use Face Reality and PranVera Skincare products in my acne treatment plans. The average cost for these products is $150-$175 for a 1-2 month supply of products necessary to your plan’s success. Your products may change throughout the course of the program as your treatment changes based on your skin’s progress. Continued use of products after the 12-week program ends is paramount to your success; your skincare routine continues into your future! 

Do at-home acne programs really work?: Yes! With commitment and dedication, Acne At Home can be a successful program for you. Acne At Home does require you to follow my professional instructions and to comply with your treatment program. Individual results vary, but if you are consistent with the work you put into this program, you will not only have clearer skin, you’ll also be armed with increased knowledge about your own triggers and how to block them. 

Is Acne At Home the program for me?: The Acne At Home program is most successful with clients who suffer from moderate to severe inflamed acne and are serious about making a commitment to clearer skin. Clients who are most successful are determined to increase their self-confidence and are ready for professional guidance. Individual results will vary, but if you are committed, you will be pleased with your results. 

However, this program is NOT for everyone. If you are looking for an overnight quick fix, Acne At Home is not for you. Clearing moderate to severe acne is a process that requires patience and dedication. This program also may not be for you if any of the following apply:

  • You love trying out a whole bunch of different products or you will only consider DIY or organic products. . 
  • You only suffer from occasional breakouts. 
  • You believe yourself to be an acne expert; you are not ready to allow a professional to take the reins and guide your journey. 
  • You are uncomfortable knowing that you might experience dryness and breakouts as part of the clearer-skin journey. 
  • You are allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide.
  • You are not ready to give a 100% commitment to this process.  

If you are ready and serious to start this program here are the steps you need to take:


Sign up for a MindBody account


Buy the Virtual acne program at my online store.

  1. Click Online Store (top right side)   
  2. Click Services       
  3. Select Acne at Home-Virtual acne from drop down       
  4. Choose from the two choices       
  5. Proceed to checkout           

Voila! All done.


Email us at with the subject line ” Virtual Acne Treatment Program ” to let us know you signed up.


We will email you the forms to fill out.


Email us pictures according to instruction on the paperwork.


We schedule a date/time for the Consultation