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“... my experience with Bonnie was life changing. I am so grateful to have found her - and just in the nick of time! Another week or two and I fear I would have succumbed to isotretinoin yet again. It was THAT bad. Now, on average, I have only one big pimple every six weeks. And just a few small ones in between that either disappear on their own within a day or two or with the help of a spot treatment for one or two nights. It is truly a miracle and I still pinch myself for fear that I am dreaming! Most importantly though, I have gained a newfound confidence that comes not only from the beauty of clear skin for the first time in 30 years, but from a personal victory like none other. ” READ FULL REVIEW

“Bonnie is the best!!! My skin has completely changed since I started seeing Bonnie. She has worked absolute wonders on my skin. I had terrible acne, mostly on my cheeks, and it is nearly gone now. And she's just a wonderful person on top of that. I'd recommend her to anyone!”

“Working with Bonnie is a dream. When I first met her I had very troubled skin and it was an issue I had been dealing with since I was 12 years old. My skin caused me a lot of stress and embarrassment and I had almost given up on trying to fix it. When I came to Bonnie she made me realize my skin did not have to be this way and I have a whole new attitude about my skin.

Starting out was tough. The transformation process was not without challenges and it does take a lot of work on the client’s part. The first few sessions were painful because of the severity of my case. Bonnie is very gentle but certain pains can’t be helped. After care is incredibly important and Bonnie is always there to answer any questions and provide tips to help facilitate post treatment healing. Three days after a treatment I can see that any small scabs have fallen away and my skin is looking better than ever. Bonnie also changed the day to day routine for me as my skin has progressed and it is always exciting to have new products to try!

It is hard to describe how much it means to have an ally in my skin journey. After years of dealing with dermatologists that seemed to brush off my troubled skin as something I would grow out of, Bonnie was there to help me feel confidant and in control.“

"Bonnie saved my skin! I met Bonnie when I was desperate and clueless about how to naturally and safely treat my painful cystic acne. My dermatologist at the time said my only option was Accutane, but I didn't feel comfortable taking such a powerful medication. Bonnie answered all of my questions during my initial consultation and made me feel that my face was in good hands. She assured me she could help and after the FIRST session alone my Skin looked nearly brand new. I don't know what I would have done without her!"

“Bonnie has completely changed my skin and my life. I used suffer from terrible acne, and my consistent visits with her have transformed my skin. Bonnie's able to extract clogged pores that I didn't even know existed, preventing what would normally be a very painful and embarrassing breakout. When I'm unable to see Bonnie for extended periods of time due to work or travel, she's generous enough to respond to my texts with questions about products, safe solutions to my skin problems, and even what chemicals, oils, butters, waxes and to stay away from. Bonnie also possess such grace and kindness, not only am I excited for my facial when I see her, but I'm excited to catch up. I'm so grateful to have found her! No other aesthetician or dermatologist can compare.”

“I could rave about Bonnie all day, but I'll try to keep it short. Bonnie truly changed my skin (and life!) I suffered from severe acne throughout college and my hopes of finding a treatment that actually worked was really running thin. My skin was so bad I would limit how much I would leave my dorm room, and when I would leave I would have complete strangers come up to me and give me their acne remedies without me inquiring. My mom was the one who actually found Bonnie, and the rest is history. After the first session I saw a dramatic difference. I'm finally comfortable in my skin again.”

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