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This is the most universal facial for clients looking to feel refreshed and renewed. This hour-long procedure includes a deep cleansing of the skin, exfoliation and extraction of any existing blemishes and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage to round out the experience. The Signature Treatment is the perfect gift to your skin when you’re looking to revitalize.

Price: 60 mins. $120 - View Package Pricing

Deep Cleaning


This is the most intense treatment for those looking to really attack problem skin. Those who suffer from adult acne will benefit most with this powerful and effective process which begins with a deep cleansing, mainly concentrated on extractions to remove impurities and existing blemishes, followed by a calming mask. With recurring treatments and a commitment to your at-home routine, you can create healthier skin and make acne something of the past!

Price: 70 mins. $150 - View Package Pricing



This uplifting experience helps rejuvenate aging skin by minimizing wrinkles and lines and leaving your skin feeling firm and restored. You’ll get the life and elasticity back in your skin by stimulating collagen production to prevent further damage and defend against the environmental factors that play a role in aging.

Price: 90 mins. $180 - View Package Pricing



Men are often burdened with the after-effects of shaving – causing irritation, ingrown hairs and bumpy skin. This facial will clean, exfoliate and extract leaving a smooth texture and a younger, fresher look.

Price: 60 mins. $120 - View Package Pricing



Bonnie understands the importance of taking the right steps in preventing skin problems and creating the right regimen for lasting skin health. Hormonal changes and overactive oil glands play a part in most of the skin-care issues troubling teens. This treatment uses steam-infused exfoliation and targeted extractions to help strike a balance and result in a smoother texture and unclogged pores.

Price: 60 mins. $120 - View Package Pricing

Blushing Bride Facial


As you put time into planning in the months leading to the most important day of your life, you should also put time into your skin. Come in for a facial and a consultation about the best skincare solution for you leading to your big day. Whether you are 6-weeks or 6-months out from the day, I will develop a plan to help keep you bright and blushing for your wedding!

Price: 75 mins. $150 - Packages Available After Consultation

The Tailored Treatment


There is no pressure to choose a specific treatment! When you’re unsure of what’s best for your specialized skincare needs, you can customize your own. Bonnie will address the problems that affect your skin and create an individualized treatment that will work best for you.

Price: 75 mins. $150



This instant-result treatment is perfect anytime but also ideal for those preparing for a date, big night out or special event. This treatment will polish away dead skin cells, brighten skin tone, and increase collagen and elastin productivity. A peel will restore the skin’s health without any irritation or downtime.

Price: 20—30 mins. $100 & up - View Package Pricing

LightStim® Spotlight Treatment


A multi-use LED light therapy for targeted or combination treatment. The light technology can help with anti-aging, acne and rosacea to result in the rejuvination of cells and increased cellular activity. it will enhance the result of regular facial treatments and skincare procedures by increasing circulation and stimulating collagen and elastin production to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, firm, tone and restore skin’s radiance.

Price: 15-30 mins. $100 & up - View Package Pricing