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75 min Signature Acne Treatment


For all skin types including acne clients who need a deep pore cleaning while also addressing the signs of aging.

This is your expert facial to address the many stages of acne as well as the signs of aging. Our goal is to clean the skin as deeply as possible while minimizing the appearance of moderate to severe acne including: severe blackheads all over the skin, pustules (whiteheads), inflamed hormonal acne and skin damage from acne. In addition, our signature facial will address the three pillars of aging: fine lines, hyperpigmentation and skin laxity.

The facial will be completely customized at the time of your service, depending on our thorough consultation and visual skin analysis. We will use a customized combination of cleansing and exfoliation techniques as well as various peels, the ultrasonic spatula, enzymes, LED light therapy, extractions, high frequency, massage and masks for each and every visit. We will ensure that your skin gets everything it needs to be as clear and nourished as possible, each and every session.

Price: 75 mins. $224 + tax with Bonnie. $186 + tax with Danae

The Acne Bootcamp Program


The Facials by Bonnie Acne Bootcamp Program is your skincare solution, if you struggle with acne. During your first visit with us, you will receive a comprehensive consultation so we can learn all about your unique skincare goals and create a customized, holistic program to get your skin clearing ASAP!

We will recommend a series of facial treatments and professional skincare products, to give you the best results possible. Your treatments will include a professional deep pore cleansing, exfoliation (enzyme or chemical peel), thorough expert extractions to clear clogged pores and help prevent acne breakouts, a calming anti-inflammatory treatment to soothe, and LED light therapy to boost cellular metabolism and keep the skin clear.

Initial Visit (Consultation + Facial Treatment) 90 Minutes / $195 + tax
Subsequent Facial Treatments 75 Minutes / $186 + tax (Price discount after signing up at consultation)
With Danae ONLY!

Sculpt and Glow Signature Treatment
(Starting Mid-March)


Indulge in a luxurious 75-minute experience meticulously crafted by our expert esthetician. This revitalizing treatment includes:

A thorough, customized double cleansing followed by a gentle enzyme exfoliation to help dissolve dull skin and unearth your radiance. Next, the high-tech, Ultrasonic Spatula will provide an even deeper exfoliation for a silky-smooth complexion. After, we’ll perform an advanced lifting and sculpting, noninvasiveMicrocurrent treatment for skin tightening and improved muscle tone. We follow this with an exclusive oxygenating trio to brighten, plump, and give you a radiant glow, using an advanced vitamin rich medley of formulations. Then, LED Light Therapy will stimulate collagen, enhance skin radiance, and support regeneration. We finish with specialized custom aftercare products for your unique needs.

Note: While this treatment supports clear skin and is acne-safe, it does not include extractions. Ideal for a radiant boost between Signature Acne Treatments or whenever you crave a lifted, brightened appearance.

75 Minutes for $240 (With Danae Only! Treatment will be available starting mid-March)

ACNE AT HOME: Virtual Acne Treatment Program


Join me for our newest skincare program: acne treatment handled virtually, while you stay safe at home! Whether you’re sheltering in place or simply live too far from our offices, our 12-week virtual acne treatment program offers a whole-self approach to clearer skin.

Initial Session: $125

We also offer the following treatments:


This instant-result treatment is perfect anytime but also ideal for those preparing for a date, big night out or special event. This treatment will polish away dead skin cells, brighten skin tone, and increase collagen and elastin productivity. A peel will restore the skin’s health without any irritation or downtime.

Price: 20—30 mins. $105 + tax

LightStim® Spotlight Treatment

A multi-use LED light therapy for targeted or combination treatment. The light technology can help with anti-aging, acne and rosacea to result in the rejuvination of cells and increased cellular activity. it will enhance the result of regular facial treatments and skincare procedures by increasing circulation and stimulating collagen and elastin production to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, firm, tone and restore skin’s radiance.

Price: 15-30 mins. $105 + tax