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If I get a peel am I going to look like Samantha from Sex in the City?

Posted by Bonnie | June 21, 2013

facials-2I get this question a lot. When you hear the word “peel” your mind goes right to the things we know first hand – food – potatoes, carrots, bananas and oranges! People have this fear of thick layers of skin being taken off and a raw layer being exposed. Even though there are peels like that, to be done ONLY by an MD, my peels are nothing like that! The day of the peel you might get a little pink, but that will go away after a couple of hours and 1-2 days later you might experience a little flaking, but nothing like the horror stories they show on TV! The peels that I do can be done as often as monthly, of course keeping in mind your own needs and customizing it to what works best for you.


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