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Reinvigorate Your Skin With Exfoliants

Posted by Bonnie | October 3, 2014


On average, our skin completely renews itself every twenty-eight days.

Each day we lose millions and millions of dead cells; some flake off our skin, but others get “glued together” and don’t come off. What happens to those dead cells on our face? They hold on to our skin to give us that dull, unhealthy look that makes us cringe! To achieve the glowing, healthy look we desire, we must remove the dead cells to give the new cells the chance to shine!

The best way to remove dead cells and make your face look its very best is by adding exfoliation to your skin care routine. Many people wrongly associate exfoliation with roughness and causing the skin to turn red. The right exfoliant will remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin with even, natural color.

There are so many different exfoliants on the market that it can be hard to choose one that is gentle yet still effective. Don’t be afraid to read the ingredients on the labels. Stay away from exfoliants made with sand or nut seeds. These harsh ingredients could tear or scratch the skin microscopically. Instead, seek out an exfoliant with jojoba beads. Jojoba beads, round by nature, are very gentle, and at the same time, very effective.

Follow the guidelines below to choose the right exfoliant for your skin type, apply as instructed, and your skin will look and feel different in no time!

Use a gentle, gel-based exfoliant on special occasions when you want that “glowy” look. Be careful not to use it on a regular basis, as it could dry your skin. Determine your skin type by taking the skin type test here.

How To Exfoliate For Your Skin Type

  • Oily or Acne-Prone Skin – Use an exfoliant that has salicylic acid once a week to remove dead skin cells.
  • Dry Skin – Use an exfoliant containing lactic acid. The lactic acid aids the exfoliant in removing the dead skin cells gently.
  • Combination Skin – Use an exfoliant containing alpha hydroxy acids. The acids help remove buildup, yet are still gentle on the rest of your face.
  • Sensitive Skin – Avoid using exfoliants altogether, unless recommended or prescribed by a dermatologist or aesthetician.


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