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My teenage son/daughter has a lot of black heads and a pimple here and there. Should I bring her/him in?

Posted by Bonnie | September 16, 2013


I get this question a lot from parents, and as the mother of a teenage boy I see this in my home life as well. I also see how acne can have an effect on self esteem. Puberty lasts for a few years and that causes the unbalanced oil production that result in acne. The acne doesn’t just go away on its own!

Once a teenager starts to get those little pimples on the forehead, cheeks or chin bring them in to see a professional. Prevention is the best way to deal with the hormones that are causing a rapid production of oil. A sure fire way to keep it under control is to start an effective at-home routine as well as regular facials to clean those blackheads and prevent them from becoming full blown breakouts.


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