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Why should I get facials regularly?

Posted by Bonnie | March 16, 2013

facialsThis question is one that comes up very often. Somewhere along the line, a facial became a ‘treat’ for the client – a ‘once a year or whenever I get a gift certificate’ indulgence. Facials are not meant to be an indulgence, they are meant to be habitual.

Its very important to get facials regularly in order to maintain the skin you have, prevent damage from occurring and also treating any existing skin problems. Anything we want to achieve in our life we have to put effort into – just like going to the gym for physical fitness, one needs to get regular facials in order to achieve perfect skin. Our skin cells turn over every 28 days and as we age those cells turn over every 35 days, we want to keep those cells as healthy as possible and help them turn over faster. Making regular facials and peels part of your routine will surely prove a return on the investment with healthy, age-defying skin as time goes on.


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