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How to clean your face

Posted by Bonnie | December 10, 2013

Miranda Kerr - flawless skin photographSalicylic or essential fatty acids? Know which is right for your skin type for effective cleansing.

Washing your face is critical to avoid clogged pores and oil build-up, the dirt and pollution in the air can cause bacteria and trigger or worsen existing acne. Water alone only removes 65% of dirt and oil, so using a cleanser is necessary in the morning and evening – just showering doesn’t cut it!

Washing before you start your day is preventative from the elements and prepares your skin for lotions and makeup application. In the evening, removing makeup then washing is imperative in order to truly cleanse the skin.

Skin type also plays a role! People with normal skin should look  for a mild/gentle cleanser. If you have oily or acne prone skin, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. Don’t over wash, this happens all too often. For combination skin, use a cleanser that contains lactic acid – you want a gentle exfoliant but you want to maintain balance. Those with dry skin should use creamy cleansers containing essential fatty acids (EFAs). For those of you who’s skin is sensitive should stay away from fragrant cleanser and harsh cleanser it could irritate your skin further.

You may also think there are no rules to washing, but water temperature, method and skin type all play a role in the most effective routine possible:

  • Gently remove all makeup with a cotton ball and olive, coconut or almond oil, then wash hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of germs to your face
  • Skip the washcloth (they are way too harsh) and use lukewarm water and only your fingertips
  • Use the best-suited cleanser for your skin-type once you’ve determined it

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